Friday, December 8, 2023
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Generation & Analysis of Tweets – III, AWS Bedrock & Claude Models

In the previous post, I described the serverless real-time ingestion of live tweets; you can have a look at the following link: With those tweets, we can train a model for topic modelling; what is more, we'll use a synthetic set of tweets as well,...

AWS Machine Learning – Specialty Certification: Quick Guide, 2023

After renewing the AWS ML Certification with a perfect score, I got many messages asking about how I prepare the certification(s) and the resources(s) I use. You can find it all over my blog; I use boundless preparation. What does it mean? Preparing yourself without...

Summarization & Analysis of Tweets- II, Serverless Ingestion

In the previous series post, I described a fully ready architecture to summarize and analyze tweets at scale. Some of you have contacted me to ask about the ingestion process and the integration with Twitter. So, I have decided to present a simplified ingestion...

Summarization & Analysis of Tweets using AWS & OpenAI

I'm sharing with you one of the architectures, production-ready, that I've been working on lately. I was keen to learn how the GPT algorithms would fare summarizing Tweets, not just individually - for instance, with two or three words - but with groups of...

AWS Data Analytics Specialty, New features – April 2023

I recertified in April 2023 on the AWS Data Analytics certification for the second time, if you count the AWS Big Data certification - now retired. I got an email from AWS asking for feedback and another survey about the competencies for the AWS...

Simplifying Hybrid Cloud Adoption with AWS

This a good book, with a kind of misleading title. Yes, it's about hybrid cloud adoption, but with AWS Outposts, to be more precise. AWS Outposts is a family of fully managed solutions that deliver AWS infrastructure and services to virtually any on-premises or...

AWS Certified Database – Specialty Certification: Preparation & Resources, 2023

A bit about my personal experience The AWS Certified Database Beta certification was the last one I took at a test centre, a few weeks before Covid hit Spain very hard and the whole country went into lockdown. It was an intense experience; the certification was...

A MidSummer’s Book List

Here we are, July 2022, in the middle of a scorching summer, so I'd guess it is a perfect moment to relax near the sea and read a book or two. I've compiled a list of favourite books that I can personally recommend. All...

TDD AWS – the Moto Library

Moto is a library that allows mocking AWS services when using the Python Boto library. It can be used with other languages as stated in the documentation - standalone server mode. I don't have direct experience with that feature, though, as Python is my...

AWS Certified Advanced Networking, 2021 Revision and Beyond

I've recertified at the time of writing this post - June 2021 - and wanted to share some of the experience and preparation for this one because it has been peculiar. My preparation is very particular because I tend to prepare my materials mainly using...