Monday, September 25, 2023
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AWS Machine Learning – Specialty Certification: Quick Guide, 2023

After renewing the AWS ML Certification with a perfect score, I got many messages asking about how I prepare the certification(s) and the resources(s) I use. You can find it all over my blog; I use boundless preparation. What does it mean? Preparing yourself without...

AWS Certified Database – Specialty Certification: Preparation & Resources, 2023

A bit about my personal experience The AWS Certified Database Beta certification was the last one I took at a test centre, a few weeks before Covid hit Spain very hard and the whole country went into lockdown. It was an intense experience; the certification was...

AWS Certified Advanced Networking, 2021 Revision and Beyond

I've recertified at the time of writing this post - June 2021 - and wanted to share some of the experience and preparation for this one because it has been peculiar. My preparation is very particular because I tend to prepare my materials mainly using...