Thursday, June 17, 2021
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AWS Certified Advanced Networking, 2021 Revision and Beyond

I've recertified at the time of writing this post - June 2021 - and wanted to share a bit of the experience and preparation for this one because it has been peculiar, to say the least. My preparation is very particular because I tend to...

Lambda, EFS, and the Serverless Framework

If you´ve been developing serverless applications for a while, pretty sure you have found yourself facing a few challenges, apart from the old cold start thing - which has been solved to a great extent with the Provisioned Concurrency feature. For instance, let's say...

AWS Certified Developer Reloaded

I'm going to share my recent experience with the re-certification - June 2020 - AWS Developer, one of my favourites, without a doubt. An experience that has been very different from the previous one, since my memory serves me well, I didn't find any...

AWS Data Analytics Specialty, is it worth it?

On April 13, the new AWS Data Analytics Specialty certification journey officially began - before the beta phase in December 2019 / January 2020. It coincided in time with the AWS Database Specialty Beta, which forced me to choose between them. Finally, I decided...