Friday, February 3, 2023
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A MidSummer’s Book List

Here we are, July 2022, in the middle of a scorching summer, so I'd guess it is a perfect moment to relax near the sea and read a book or two. I've compiled a list of favourite books that I can personally recommend. All...

TDD AWS – the Moto Library

Moto is a library that allows mocking AWS services when using the Python Boto library. It can be used with other languages as stated in the documentation - standalone server mode. I don't have direct experience with that feature, though, as Python is...

Synthetic Canaries for API Gateway – I

Last February, AWS added support for creating canaries for API Gateway to Cloudwatch Synthetics, which I've been using lately to monitor some REST APIS successfully. Let's review some technical concepts first: Canaries: Node scripts that run on schedule to monitor endpoints, following the action...

Fast DynamoDB Pagination using Python

DynamoDB is the fastest NoSQL database at scale from AWS, operating within the key-value and document-based models. I'm not going to delve into the basics because I'm sure I don't need to explain them to you - as you have arrived here :). Anyways,...

DynamoDB New Console

What a surprise! I was writing a piece about a component for DynamoDB - that I've produced for a PoC -when the console completely changed! The new console looks like the rest of the updated services; the experience gets more cohesive between all services. Includes three new sections:...

AWS Certified Advanced Networking, 2021 Revision and Beyond

I've recertified at the time of writing this post - June 2021 - and wanted to share a bit of the experience and preparation for this one because it has been peculiar, to say the least. My preparation is very particular because I tend to...

Lambda, EFS, and the Serverless Framework

If you´ve been developing serverless applications for a while, pretty sure you have found yourself facing a few challenges, apart from the old cold start thing - which has been solved to a great extent with the Provisioned Concurrency feature. For instance, let's say...

AWS Certified Developer Reloaded

I'm going to share my recent experience with the re-certification - June 2020 - AWS Developer, one of my favourites, without a doubt. An experience that has been very different from the previous one, since my memory serves me well, I didn't find any...

AWS Data Analytics Specialty, is it worth it?

On April 13, the new AWS Data Analytics Specialty certification journey officially began - before the beta phase in December 2019 / January 2020. It coincided in time with the AWS Database Specialty Beta, which forced me to choose between them. Finally, I decided...