• 21 Google Cloud tools in 2 minutes or less

    9 March, 2021 by

    Pretty cool post from Google’s Blog to quickly view 21 services in a series of short videos. Some essential videos You can find the full set of videos in the original post on Google’s Blog.

  • The Reference Architecture Disappointment

    5 April, 2020 by

    There is a “phenomenon” that I have experienced through my career that I like to call the “Reference Architecture Disappointment”. Some people would experiment with a similar effect when they go to the MD´s consultation with several symptoms to find out that they may have a common cold. No frenzy at the Hospital, no crazy… Read more

  • Generation & Analysis of Tweets – III, AWS Bedrock & Claude Models

    14 October, 2023 by

    In the previous post, I described the serverless real-time ingestion of live tweets; you can have a look at the following link: With those tweets, we can train a model for topic modelling; what is more, we’ll use a synthetic set of tweets as well, generated with Claude, Anthropic’s LLM. For classifying the tweets, the… Read more

  • AWS Machine Learning – Specialty Certification: Quick Guide, 2023

    6 July, 2023 by

    After renewing the AWS ML Certification with a perfect score, I got many messages asking about how I prepare the certification(s) and the resources(s) I use. You can find it all over my blog; I use boundless preparation. What does it mean? Preparing yourself without limitations, using all the resources you need to complete your… Read more

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