• 21 Google Cloud tools in 2 minutes or less

    9 March, 2021 by

    Pretty cool post from Google’s Blog to quickly view 21 services in a series of short videos. Some essential videos You can find the full set of videos in the original post on Google’s Blog.

  • The Reference Architecture Disappointment

    5 April, 2020 by

    There is a “phenomenon” that I have experienced through my career that I like to call the “Reference Architecture Disappointment”. Some people would experiment with a similar effect when they go to the MD´s consultation with several symptoms to find out that they may have a common cold. No frenzy at the Hospital, no crazy… Read more

  • Summarization & Analysis of Tweets- II, Serverless Ingestion

    26 May, 2023 by

    In the previous series post, I described a fully ready architecture to summarize and analyze tweets at scale. Some of you have contacted me to ask about the ingestion process and the integration with Twitter. So, I have decided to present a simplified ingestion architecture to show you how it can be done more efficiently.… Read more

  • Summarization & Analysis of Tweets using AWS & OpenAI

    4 May, 2023 by

    I’m sharing with you one of the architectures, production-ready, that I’ve been working on lately. I was keen to learn how the GPT algorithms would fare summarizing Tweets, not just individually – for instance, with two or three words – but with groups of Tweets that share a tag and common themes. Also, to analyze… Read more

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