• The Reference Architecture Disappointment

    5 abril, 2020 por

    There is a «phenomenon» that I have experienced through my career that I like to call the «Reference Architecture Disappointment». It is a similar effect some people would experiment when they go to the MD´s consultation with several symptoms, just to find out that they may have a common cold. No frenzy at the Hospital,… Leer más

  • Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer All In One Guide Review

    17 diciembre, 2020 por

    I’ve just finished reading the latest book for preparing Google´s Associate Engineer Certified exam. It belongs to the series All-In-One from Mc Graw Hill, which it´s one my favourites; usually, the books are excellent. It’s been released at the beginning of the month – December 2020 -, so it’s really hot 🙂 This one is… Leer más

  • The Learning Journey, Part II: The Dopamine Effect

    24 noviembre, 2020 por

    Video killed the radio star – The Buggles, 1980. Do you remember books? Yeah, those objects that you´d use to carry on your bag, and that have been pushed aside by the video course frenzy – and the Internet. And I get it; video courses could be a fast and cheap way to gather information,… Leer más

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