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Virtual Days 2021 – Migrating Apps to AWS

Last Wednesday, 19/05/2021, I attended one of AWS’s Virtual Days that are being organized regularly. This time was about Migrations, which it’s a hot topic in the Enterprise right now. Sometimes it feels like everything is about Machine Learning or other sideline subjects. Still, most prominent projects are about migrating apps from on-premises environments to the cloud.

The Virtual Day was organised about the following subjects:

  • Re:host and Re:platform
  • Migration of Analytics workloads from on-premises.
  • Data Migration Service.
  • Migration of SAP workloads.

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I wanted to share some takeaway points from Day II, as I missed Day I, which I can only presume was about Lift & Shift tools and operations, which AWS has extensively covered. Services like AWS Application Migration Service – console version of Cloud Endure – or AWS Migration Hub are extremely comprehensive and cutting edge, on tops of classic services like Storage Gateway or the Snow family.

The takeaways points are very personal, so if you have additional questions, you can send me an e-mail from the contact page.

  • APP2Container
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A handy tool for analyzing and containerizing Java and .NET apps. My experience with the tool it’s very positive and can really accelerate the migration of existing applications as it generates several artefacts for services like ECS and Kubernetes.

  • Data Analytics

This part of the webinar was really technical and covered a wide range of topics – I can’t complain, though 🙂

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I’m going to highlight two services: AWS Lake Formation and AWS Glue Studio.

Lake Formation is an interesting service that I think has a lot of potential for the future. Actually, new features are on the way; we’ll see the direction that it takes.

At the moment, the most interesting feature is the centralized granular set of permissions to manage the data sets securely. It took me some time to get around it, but after that worked very well.

AWS Glue Studio looks interesting, but I haven’t used it just yet.

  • Database Migration Service

Very well-known service and an interesting webinar. The only point to highlight is the extensive catalogue of sources and destinations.

  • SAP Workloads

My experience in SAP workloads is minimal, so I was really impressed with AWS’s coverage of the subject. Exciting webinar.

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