Building Serverless Applications with Google Cloud Run


Cloud Run is the Serverless Container Platform offering by GCP, launched back in 2019. I’m sure you’d get the idea, deploying apps very quickly – packaged in containers -, in a fully managed environment.

After reading this book by Wietse Venema, and going through most of the hand on examples, I can recommend it without any reservations – well, except for the price, but it’s a niche book after all 🙂

Right off the bat, I’ll tell you that it’s not an 800-page bible. It’s a relatively short book, very well written, concise and clear. Around 160 pages, packed with concepts, real-life advice, and hand-on examples, catered for different audiences and proficiency levels. So you’d get short explanations about Docker and more advanced discussions about transaction concurrency and resource contention.

Notebook series by O’Reilly; other titles in my collection include “JBoss at Work” and “Spring Framework.”

I love the experience of moving through the book, creating my own reading path, and coming back to it many times. It’s the sort of experience that you can’t have with another sort of media, which actually anchors the information in your mind. The structure of the book makes that very easy, adjusting it to your experience level.

It reminds me a lot of a series of books released by O’Reilly back in the mid-2000s, the Notebook series. I own four of them, just found two of them around, but I have another two packed in containers – seriously 🙂

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