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The Reference Architecture Disappointment

There is a «phenomenon» that I have experienced through my career that I like to call the «Reference Architecture Disappointment».

It is a similar effect some people would experiment when they go to the MD´s consultation with several symptoms, just to find out that they may have a common cold. No frenzy at the Hospital, no crazy consultations, no House MD´s TV scenes. Just paracetamol, water and rest!

So many years of Medicine School just to prescribe that?

Well, yes. The MD was able to recognize a common cold between dozen of illnesses with the same set of symptoms and prescribed the simplest and best treatment. The question is, would you be able to do it?

Same thing when a Solutions Architect deals with a set of requirements. The «Architect» will select the best architecture that solves a business problem, most simply and efficiently possible. That means – sometimes – to use the «Reference Architecture» for that particular problem, with the necessary changes.

Those architectures emerge from practical experience and encompass patterns and best practices. Usually reinventing the wheel is just not a good idea.

Keep it simple and Rock On!

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